Any carpet wears out and looks used in the course of life. It’s an OK, but inevitable process. If the carpet lies on the floor, the nap wears off soon. Also, the carpet might be affected by ultraviolet, e.g. if it lies in the sun. Some liquid or chemicals might be spilt on it. Thus, the carpet is gradually getting ruined. Sometimes the damages are so serious that cleaning the carpet doesn’t help and it needs to be taken to the carpet repair workshop.


Carpet tears and cuts happen when some sharp objects fall on it, or when heavy furniture is moved, or when it’s unpacked carelessly with a sharp knife, or while shipping. If a carpet is pretty old and its threads are frail, it might get torn even after being washed in a washing machine. It might get torn either in lengthwise, or edgewise. In that case we restore the destroyed threads. As for the cuts, as usual, they damage both lengthwise and edgewise threads. In that case, the carpet needs not just reparation, but restoration, since if it is cut it’s its structure that is ruined.


Through-holes might be found in the carpets when some heavy objects fall on them, or they are influenced by some strong chemicals, some strong acids or alkali. Through-holes resemble cuts according to the kind of damage, thus the carpet structure is ruined. In that case it needs to be worked on by a restorer. The restorer will have to find the necessary threads and color them, and then make the ruined part from scratch. It’s a very meticulous work that takes rich experience and qualification. In our Ahmet Bayrakdar workshop we will be happy to do it for you. It doesn’t matter if the carpet is silk or wool, it’s possible to restore a carpet with a though-hole.


Nap discoloration is when a carpet loses its real color and becomes faint, dull and unoriginal and the ornament loses its charm. Nap discoloration happens after the carpet stays in the sun too long. Ultraviolet rays are harmful for the carpet. Keep your carpets away from the sun! The second reason is when the carpet is cleaned incorrectly or it’s cleaned by laypeople. Lots of modern cleaning agents nowadays might cause such damage, especially when we deal with silk or wool carpets. In some cases it’s enough just to color the nap and the carpet will look as it did. But sometimes it’s necessary to change the nap.


Unfortunately, carpets get ruined quickly under the influence of high temperatures. Hot coal, hot metal objects, some cigarette ashes might damage the carpet nap or burn it through. In this case we remove all the blackened carpet parts and change a part of its nap.


Fringes make a carpet look finished. A carpet looks different if it has a fringe. The fringe gets damaged or some part of it lacks as a result of intensive usage. In many cases it’s reasonable to change the fringe.


Nap deformation happens if there’s lots of physical impact from the furniture or spilt liquids. In nap deformation there are spots on the carpet, as if it is sunken. In that case the nap is so misshapen that it’s impossible to make it look as it used to without being restored. If a silk carpet is cleaned with a scotch-bright pad or a brush, the silk nap turns out of shape and gets mixed up. Unfortunately, in this case only carpet reparation with a complete removal of the ruined nap and replacing it with the new one can help. It’s a hard restorer’s work.