Welcome to carpet repair and restore workshop website! My name is Ahmet Bayrakdar. I have been fixing, restoring, expertizing and taking care of antique, old and usual carpets for all my life. My workshop is in the historic center of Istanbul where professionals from different countries work under my leadership.

Depending on the carpet type, it will be fixed by the expert who specializes in this particular carpet type. Carpet restoration and repair is a real art, it’s a very skilled trade which is passed on from generation to generation. The interest to antique and old carpets is deepening, and most of them need repair of some lost parts. Asian countries show the greatest interest to silk carpets restoration. It’s interesting and important to know that the number of stitches per 1cm2 might reach 800!


I was born in 1972 in Aksaray and I got my education in that city. As a student I started repairing carpets as a hobby and today I professionally restore antique and old carpets in my workshop in Istanbul.
From 1987 to 1994 I worked as an apprentice, learned about this kind of art and gained experience. But even back then I already restored seriously damaged carpets that required professional knowledge and skills. I quickly succeeded, since I was doing something I really liked, putting my heart and soul into each carpet. So, in 1994 I opened my own workshop called Ahmet Bayrakdar. Thanks to doing good job on the carpets, I quickly succeeded both in Turkey and abroad.
In 1998 I was invited to the carpet exhibition in Japan for the first time. I delivered the report on handmade carpet manufacture and restoration. Since then I have been attending exhibitions and events that deal with the art of making carpets (mostly in Japan, South Korea and Dubai). I keep doing my job in Istanbul and together with my professional team we’ve been working on the most difficult orders and completing them successfully.


Even though there are collectors, antiquarians and just people who like antique carpets in every country, but not in every country there’s an opportunity to fix a carpet. Carpet restoration it’s not just fixing or taking care of it. It’s a kind of art that takes not just experience and knowledge, but also talent. Each stitch and each thread is important here.
Handmade carpet manufacture is well developed in Turkey, that’s why people know, love and understand carpets. It’s a part of Turkish culture and a traditional craft. We do the most difficult restoration jobs working with all kinds of carpets and any kinds of damages.
Istanbul is very well located, there’s no problem to get here and it doesn’t matter in which country you live. It’s just a few hours by plane, and your carpet will get to the talented experts. By giving us your carpet to restore, you can be sure that you will get it back fixed. You won’t even figure out where it was damaged. You can bring us a carpet personally or send it to us using some shipping company service. After your carpet is restored you can get it back the same way. Our restoration and shipping are insured.
We will give a primary expert examination decision for free. You can also email us a picture of your carpet and we will reply you.
My private mail is ahmetbayrakdar68@gmail.com